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First Blog Post

Hello,  The Internet and welcome to my new website.

In 2011 my new year’s resolution was to keep a blog. I started one and it had some success. I wrote about my life and my thoughts and the weird dreams I had. I used it like a journal, but silly 2011-2013 Chloe was abrupt and uncensored, and short of going back through nearly 500 blog posts to make sure I didn’t refer to someone by their real name, or that I haven’t revealed a secret I assumed no one on the Internet would ever stumble upon; I decided to shut it down.

That blog no longer exists, so I switched track and when I needed to get my thoughts out of my head, I would send myself an email to the future using a fantastic website called (if you are going through a stressful time or struggling with your feelings this website is an amazing tool to use) and I love receiving those emails now, written by myself a year ago. It gives me such happiness and clarity to read back on my own thoughts, to listen to myself worry about the future, to hear myself worry about things that I have already lived through. I wish there was a reply button so I could tell myself it all works out ok, I’m not homeless and I haven’t failed university. Well, not yet anyway!

Depending on which order I publish these posts, you may or may not already know that I am taking a “break from studies” or a year out from university before returning and completing my graduate collection. The reason why I am doing that is a story for another post. But instead of wasting my life, I am here. Writing. Doing things and writing about them. I miss blogging so much and now that I am older and wiser hopefully this stint at it will go a LOT smoother. After all, who wants to read about me snogging a guy dressed in a dinosaur onesie anymore?

I’ve decided to make this website a little more career-focused than my last blog, too. Soon you’ll be able to find photos from my portfolio over on the “Fashion Design” page. So if you’re in the industry and you like my work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I can’t draw for shit but I can do you a Tech Spec pack in 10 mins flat! (Don’t hold me to that, though!)

So yes. Here is my corner of the web. I’m not entirely sure what it will manifest itself into yet, but I promise there will be rants, fashion, food and pictures of animal butts. Because I love little animal butts. Butts are the best.


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