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Happy Halloweek! – 10 Costume Ideas for the Budding Feminist

Halloween is my favourite time of year! I actually think I might like it more than Christmas. I love the clothes, I love all the themed snacks, I love the decor, and I love the fact that people just give away sweets and chocolates. It’s an amazing holiday.

So, to celebrate my LOVE for all things spoopy – this whole week is HALLOWEEK!

So, if you’re struggling for costume ideas you could always wear a Leg Avenue costume and be a sexy pirate or a sexy Joan of Arc (I really wish I was joking). But, if you’re tired of freezing your literal tits off, here are my suggestions for some great halloween costumes to STICK IT TO THE MAN.

Frida Kahlo
Don your flower crown and YOU BE THE DAMN ARTIST YOU WANT TO BE.

Is this how you fleek? #fridakhalo #costume #selfie

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Not only did she have EYELINER GAME STRONG, she was the Pharaoh of this tiny place you might have heard of called EGYPT.

Maquiagem para festa à fantasia. #cleopatra #makeupartist #makersgonnamake

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Audrey Hepburn
Preferably this look from Funny Face because it’s my favourite:

Or maybe this look of her being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador:

Leandra Medine/Man Repeller
“Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.”
Be yourself. Dress how you want. Dress for yourself.

Daenerys Targaryen
You command those dragons, QUEEN!

Catwoman/Cat Call
Now, I know Catwoman can be a bit sexy but it’s my go-to costume (I have a lot of black clothes and a pair of cat ears so it’s minimal effort) but how about spending the whole night on your phone while dressed as Catwoman?

“Wow, that girl is rude!” they will say.

“Oh really? Because I think CAT CALLING is rude too!” or something along those lines but probably a little funnier than I have just put it and then BAM you’ve made a point about culture BAM.



Hermione Granger
Or Belle, or Sam from Perks of Being a Wallflower, or basically anyone Emma Watson plays in a movie – bar that one movie where she was the girl who burgled Paris Hilton. (That movie exists, right? I didn’t just imagine that?)

#hermionecosplay #hermionegranger #emmawatson

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Amelia Earhart
I bet all the dudes were like “Oh no, a woman couldn’t possibly operate a plane!” and I bet Amelia just stuck her middle fingers up at them as she flew past. (Ok, that’s probably not historically accurate, but I imagine the gist was the same.)

J. K. Rowling
Not only did she lose her billionaire status because she donated TOO MUCH MONEY to charity, she also has the best Tweets for Trump. Oh, and she wrote some books you might have heard of.

Dolores Abernathy
Go on. Be the Judas Steer. BE IT.

There you go! I hope I have given you some costume inspiration, now go out there and be a badass.

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