Chloe Rudd - Happy Halloween seven spooky ways I'm going to scare myself this halloween blog post header

7 Spooky ways I’m going to scare myself this Halloween:

  1. Watch basically any movie that’s a little bit scarier The Nightmare Before Christmas because I can’t deal with horror movies at all. (Stranger Things, Black Mirror and Goosebumps are all TOO MUCH)
  2. Call a relative that will no doubtably ask me how things are going/if I’ve got a job yet/why I’m not a successful, married, adult with a child on the way
  3. Put myself into a situation that requires social interaction
  4. Calculate how long it’s been since the last time I actually washed this bra
  5. Think of ways to explain the gap in employment on my CV
  6. Use the oven or the hob to prepare a meal
  7. Go outside

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