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My 2017 Resolutions

Seen as I’m very much still pretending it’s December, I thought I would think of some resolutions to give myself. 2017 is going to be my best year yet, it just can’t start yet because I’m not ready for it.

I want to group all of the bad things that have happened/are still happening and keep them solidly in the back half of 2016, so I’m thinking of coming up with a new month to signify this time in between. I mean, if they can just randomly drop in a new star sign a few years ago, I can have a new month. It’ll be like Sunday – Sunuary perhaps? A day where you haven’t started anything new yet, you can just ride it out until Monday comes and then you can have your clean slate.

I was adamant that I didn’t want to make resolutions this year, but that’s just meant that instead of at least TRYING to be healthier/fitter/nicer, I have just continued to spiral into a sort of off-green lump that lies in bed all day feasting exclusively on Crap Pasta and leftover Toblerone.

So I thought, seen as February is approaching (and that is the first month of 2017, as we have agreed) I would put some thought into what I want to achieve in the New Year, and come up with a few resolutions that I can kid myself I’ll keep for a little while…

  • Blog/vlog more – I enjoy it and it’s a fairly productive way to spend my time while I’m procrastinating from getting my degree
  • Finally finish this god damn website – I’ve only had the domain for 5 years and the host since July so I should probably perfect it some time soon…
  • Stop doing that cough thing that drives Ste up the wall – If I can stop throwing gang signs for him, I can do this
  • Actually save my money again – when did I become so good at spending? Who needs a £400 camera and £160 set of felt tip pens? Me, apparently.
  • Log off once in a while – Maybe there’s nice things happening in real life too and I should spend more time with my friends/family/OH rather than checking how many people have viewed my last Snap again

Oh and of course, the ultimate recurring resolution that has plagued me for years.

  • To-do list zeroed

I’ll let you know how it goes… But for now, I hope you all had an amazing New Year and 2017 is treating you well so far. And if it’s not, come celebrate a New Year with me on Feb 1st instead!

Chloe x

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